Try Our Themed Wednesday Classes!

Try Our Themed Wednesday Classes!

Plan your next wine night with a twist and consider picking up a paintbrush in between sips of your favorite cabernet or pinot! At Bottle & Bottega, we strive to host new, creative class themes on a regular basis, and our Wednesday classes offer some of our favorite themes yet. Each Wednesday, Bottle & Bottega in Arlington Heights offers two different paint and sip classes, where you and a few friends can gather, drink, loosen up and get a little creative.

We host several themed classes throughout the month, but each Wednesday Bottle & Bottega offers “We Got Wood Wednesday” and “Wine-d Down Wednesday.”

The “We Got Good Wednesday” classes focus solely on wood pallet painting, rather than traditional canvas art. We provide each attendee with their very own wooden board, pour some wine, and host a guided painting class. Sometimes we paint inspiring quotes, patriotic signs, or artsy images designed to look great on wooden pallets. Whether you’re into shabby-chic décor or just want to relax with a fun project and a glass of prosecco, this is the class for you!

Another option for paint and sip art classes on Wednesday nights is our “Wine-d Down Wednesday” sessions. We typically, (but not always!), choose wine-centric themes on these nights, whether that means painting a vine of grapes or a scenic sunset view. Our canvases change all the time, so some classes may include traditional canvas paintings while others invite class participants to paint a pair of wine glasses to take home.

Each of our classes lasts roughly 3 hours and varies in price, depending on the type of painting we’re working on. During each session, we’ll have our party experts on-hand to help guide you through the art project for the evening, or just to refill your glass!

Contact Bottle & Bottega today to book your spot our next “We Got Wood Wednesday” or “Wine-d Down Wednesday” at our Arlington Heights location. Or, if you have questions about our other paint and sip events, call us at (773) 269-6515.