A Valentine’s Day Proposal Makes for a Magical Painting and Wine Class

A Valentine’s Day Proposal Makes for a Magical Painting and Wine Class

Looking for a Romantic Private Party? Bottle & Bottega Campbell Has You Covered!

couple holding diptych painting of birds Bottle & Bottega Campbell proudly hosted a wide variety of special private wine and paint parties in February. The goal of our parties for these Valentine’s Day-themed events was to bring out the inner romantic in our patrons. Couples flocked to these events where they could flex their creative muscles in a collaborative piece of artwork. Two people worked together to paint a romantic “Birds of a Feather” diptych painting. A “diptych” includes two halves of a whole canvas; one partner paints one half while the other paints the opposite side. Painting these unique canvases allowed our patrons to see the results of their teamwork up close as they bond over a shared bottle of wine.

engaged couple holding "will you marry me?" signWe even witnessed a surprise proposal at a small event we hosted on the day dedicated to love. The groom-to-be booked the appointment in advance, and the couple came in early before all the other guests. He got on one knee, offered her a sparkling engagement ring, and she said “yes.” We enjoyed sharing in the beautiful moment as we surprised the bride-to-be with a marriage proposal painted on a canvas by her fiancé. Later on, the family of the groom-to-be came to our Campbell studio to share in the celebration. By the end of the night, everyone got involved in painting with the group and then got to take their canvases home to cherish and remember the evening forever!

Hosting Holiday-Themed Events at Our Studio and On-Location

Bottle & Bottega Campbell enjoys providing out-of-the-box events for private and public parties alike. If you’re looking for something unique and different where you can bond with your significant other, friends, or coworkers, Bottle & Bottega Campbell puts on almost any event the mind can conjure, both at our cozy studio in Campbell and on-site at homes, businesses, universities, and other locations. What’s more, we provide all the supplies: paints, paintbrushes, canvases, aprons, not to mention the wine!

Interested in your own private event at Bottle & Bottega Campbell? Call us to book an event at (408) 831-3528 or request a private party online!