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Mosaics on Canvas

Mosaic on canvas of flower vasePiece Together a Beautiful Creation

Want to create a classic artwork that’s been around since the ancient times? With small pieces of tile or glass, Bottle & Bottega will help you create beautiful mosaics on canvas. Invite your family or friends for a one-of-a-kind night out filled with art and wine. Whether you think you have the creative chops or not, our artists are here to guide you in perfecting your masterpiece. We provide a comfortable studio where you can just sit back and let your creativity flow while we keep the wine flowing. The best part is, you get to take home your masterpiece to hang on your wall or office space. There’s nothing like art to remind you of one of the best parties of your life.

For questions about our mosaics on canvas classes or to schedule your event, call your local studio.

Our Basic Mosaics on Canvas Class

Create the Greek-inspired art that had countless tourists flocking to Rome or Santorini. Our mosaics on canvas classes are very therapeutic not just because there’s wine involved! It’s like putting together a puzzle with pieces that are more beautiful and interesting. You’ll be surprised by how sophisticated your art will turn out as we help you accent your beautiful painting with just the right touches of mosaic tiles.

The basics of our mosaic on canvas and wine party include:Mosaic art projects from bottle & bottega

  • Canvas, paint, brushes, and apron
  • All the mosaic supplies including a grouting kit
  • Artists that will give you a step-by-step guideline
  • Fun, relaxed classes. No lessons, no structures.

Bottle & Bottega’s mosaic on canvas and wine party is available to cater life events such as bachelorette parties, adult birthdays, and more. We also hold corporate events or just a simple night out with friends.

Call or contact us online for questions or to book an event!


  • Bottle & Bottega "There were tons of laughs, comments on how we are going to quit our jobs and become artists (it was definitely the wine talking), and a great memory that we all walked away with."


  • Bottle & Bottega "You, by far, exceeded my expectations."

    CEO, EVisions

  • Bottle & Bottega "My first time and I can't wait until the next time. Our group had an amazing time."

    Debra C.

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Why Bottle & Bottega?

  • Welcoming, Chic Studios

    Our studios are created with comfort in mind. The moment you walk into our studio, you’ll feel inspired by the chic atmosphere and comfy couches and chairs.

  • We Are the Art Innovators

    Your imagination can take you anywhere. Don’t be afraid to paint outside the lines! Choose your own colors and let your creative juices flow.

  • We Celebrate All Milestones

    Uncork your inner artist and celebrate life! From birthdays to team building events, our party experts make sure you have a custom party to remember.