The Art of Wine & Paint Parties: Getting Back to Your Childhood Creativity

The Art of Wine & Paint Parties: Getting Back to Your Childhood Creativity

You'd think you should have a little experience painting before you come in to a paint and sip, right? I have to tell you that nothing could be further from the truth. No experience is necessary!

A paint and sip, at least our paint and sip, is all about the fun. It's an opportunity to decompress, to relax and reconnect with your inner child, your inner artist. Most of us stop being creative with the end of our childhood. It’s like “BAM,” maturity kicks in dragging all the self-doubt with it, and the creativity ends.

Art classes in high school are quite often the last time many of us have any hands-on experience with art at all. We forget about art completely, no time for drawing or painting, no time for creativity. Life becomes all about the jobs, the careers and families and all the obligations and responsibilities that come with it. It can get stifling.

undefinedA night at Bottle and Bottega Homewood is like a breath of fresh air. It’s an escape from everything mundane, a break from all the got-to-do’s in life. It’s all about doing something new, something fun; it’s all about the experience, living in the moment. It's about relaxing and letting your creative juices flow, thinking outside of the box. It’s about getting your hands dirty and your minds free, just like when we were kids. We join together in a warm and welcoming environment, turn off those nasty adult filters and reconnect with our inner child. A paint brush in one hand and a favorite beverage in the other and, before you know it, you’re laughing and giggling like a kid again. You don’t need experience for that, just a desire to smile.

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