At Bottle & Bottega Homewood, We Treat You Like Family

At Bottle & Bottega Homewood, We Treat You Like Family

It doesn't happen a lot, but once in a while somebody will come in alone, no friends, no family - just them. They’ve heard about the paint and sip a million times and wanted to try it and they could never get a friend to join them. So they step out of their comfort zone and into a group of strangers, groups of friends, families or co-workers all hanging out and having fun together. You would think that would make for an isolating kind of experience, right? You couldn't be more wrong.

This is our favorite part of owning a Bottle and Bottega Homewood eventsip and paint. Watching people bond, watching the shared experience, the shared memories forming before our eyes. And the absolute best part is when the different groups morph into one. Everyone enters in specific groups, a family here, a few lifelong friends there and maybe some coworkers hanging out after work. It doesn’t take long before one group is talking to the other. Sharing jokes and birthdays soon turns into sharing drinks, food and friendship. And while this wonderful communion of spirit doesn’t happen with every single group, it does when we get orphans.

One person comes in alone and by the Girl painting at Bottle and Bottega Homewood eventend they’ve been welcomed and adopted into the collective family. We wish we could say that we had something to do with this, but we don’t. It’s all about the women, that nurturing spirit, that giving, welcoming heart that identifies someone alone, someone that could use a friend and instinctively reaches out and embraces. We are constantly blown away by the generosity of heart and spirit that we see day after day, week after week. They come in alone and by the end of the night they’ve made new friends, become part of a new family.

After 2 years in business we can honestly say that these people, these ladies, have restored our faith in humanity. It never gets old watching compassion and kindness, generosity of spirit and the acceptance of others into the fold. Come join us and become part of our family. Book an event online, or learn more by calling us at (708) 887-2502.