Enter Your Business Card to Win Big!

Enter Your Business Card to Win Big!

Hey everyone! We’re excited to tell you about our brand-new business card campaign. We’re looking to book more company team-building events and holiday parties and we can use your help! Starting today, we’re asking all of our guests to drop their business cards into our oversized wine glass stationed at our front desk. (Hopefully Darcie won’t be drinking out of it at the time!)

So, next time you’re in, remember to drop your Bottle and Bottega Company Partybusiness card off and, with any luck, your employer will book a fantastic company paint party with us and it will be all due to you! Yay!!! You’ll be the hero at work! But wait, there’s another incentive: We’ll be doing a drawing every two weeks, pulling one lucky winner out of that oversized wine glass and giving away 2 tickets to any public party in the next year. Yay again!!!

And, just to get really wacky, we are going to offer 6,000 free VIP points to any guest of ours who coordinates a company event of 10 or more people with their workplace. That’s the same as getting 4 free registrations for any public party! So anybody with mad negotiating skills who can arrange a party with their employer wins big and becomes our favorite person in the world. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Questions? Call us at (708) 887-2502 to learn about all your wine and paint party options in Homewood!