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  • The Art of Collaboration

    The Art of Collaboration
    Remember all those great perks that come from creating art? If not, click here for a refresher. This time, we’re here to talk about the benefits of art for your TEAM. “But I work with a team of ...
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  • The Art of Inspiration

    The Art of Inspiration
    Picture this: It’s 2pm and you are sitting at your desk. There’s a big deadline looming, so you are employing all the usual tactics. Three cups of coffee, spin in the ol’ office chair, afternoon ...
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  • Paint Your Pet and Happy Endings!

    Paint Your Pet and Happy Endings!
    A fairytale ending doesn’t happen every day. Are you ready to have your heart warmed? Look at this sweet face, and read on. Each year in the US, between 700k to 1 million shelter dogs are euthanized. ...
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