New Coca-Cola Mural in Tampa Painted by Bottle & Bottega Tampa Team

New Coca-Cola Mural in Tampa Painted by Bottle & Bottega Tampa Team

Tampa is the home of Coca-Cola Florida corporate headquarters. As the regional center for America’s favorite soda, the people there are always busy and hard at work. Unfortunately, this has meant they have had precious little time for teambuilding events.

undefinedThe financing and accounting department of Coca-Cola Florida came to Bottle & Bottega Tampa with a cool idea to inspire togetherness and morale: a custom mural in their halls! It had been a while since our team was able to create a beautiful custom mural, so we were equally excited to make this happen. We worked closely with Coca-Cola to come up with the perfect mural for them. It only took us one week to complete the project, which was officially finished on Wednesday, October 17th, 2018. Now the walls are colorful, welcoming, and much more appealing.

From all of us at Bottle & Bottega Tampa, thank you for this fantastic opportunity. We hope you are enjoying the custom mural as much as we did making it!

What Coca-Cola Florida Had to Say About Us

Danielle Battiste, Coca-Cola Finance Leadership Associate, was kind enough to allow us to share her feelings about working with our team for their mural:

  • Why did you select Bottle & Bottega for your teambuilding event?
    As a team of accountants, we felt it would be fun to embrace our creative side! We really wanted a team project that would allow each of us to grow on our own while working as a team. This event did just that. We were able to each complete portions of the mural using our own creativity and letting our personalities come through, while seeing the final product put together at the end made it clear it was a team effort. We could not have done it without each individuals help which is very representative of team work in the office space as well.
  • Please describe why you feel that working with Bottle & Bottega was successful.
    Minal was very hands on with the planning process. We had to plan it very quickly, but she worked diligently with me to make sure it happened. Minal and her team helped us create a design that was exactly what we were looking for. They arrived early to set up and stayed late to help us finish the painting and clean up! They were wonderful!
  • If a potential client were on the fence about working with Bottle & Bottega, what would you say to them?
    A team event with Bottle & Botega is a great time. It is the perfect opportunity for team mates to get to know each other while they paint and to see all of their hard work come together at the end. Therefore, I would tell them “GO PAINT! And drink a Coca-Cola while doing it 😊”

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