Who We Are

Bottle & Bottega: Art, Uncorked

At Bottle & Bottega, we’re all about helping you unleash your inner artist in a cool, chic, and relaxed environment. Our premium paint and sip parties are the perfect place to have fun and get creative with your friends, family, and even your coworkers. Whether you’re celebrating a major milestone—a birthday, bachelorette party, new job—or just want to mix up your weekend routine, you’ll feel right at home in one of our stylish Bottega studios or hip pop-ups. Ready to uncork your creativity? Book your next night out with Bottle & Bottega!

No Pretensions, Just Fun

The first studio of its kind to open in Chicago where we are headquartered, Bottle & Bottega offers a fun, unique way to celebrate life’s big moments and create new memories. We believe that inspiration comes from beautiful settings, which is why our wine painting studios are elegantly designed, trendy, and gorgeous. Most of all, we strive to create an environment that’s warm and welcoming for everyone. We want you to feel like you’re having a party in your fab friend’s living room—no cleanup required.

Party at Our Bottega

At Bottle & Bottega, we offer:

  • All types of art forms and activities, not just painting on canvas!
  • Parties from 1 to 100+ people. We plan custom parties of all sizes and hold events open to the public.
  • A welcoming and encouraging experience led by our team of amazing artists.
  • A comfortable environment like being in your living room. No uncomfortable barstools for us!
  • Top-quality guest service and a high level of care.

Not an artist? Not a problem! At Bottle & Bottega, it’s about having fun, not creating a professional replica. We want you to feel right at home—gather your friends, pop open a bottle of wine, go outside the lines, and let your creativity flow!

Want to learn more about Bottle & Bottega paint and sip parties? Contact us online or find your local studio today!