Successes: Bottle & Bottega Dominates 2015 Headlines

Successes: Bottle & Bottega Dominates 2015 Headlines

As the year comes to a close, we like to take a look back on the successes and growth that Bottle & Bottega has experienced over the past year. In the midst of an exciting growth phase, Bottle & Bottega has opened seven new studios and has three in development.

The media has taken notice of Bottle & Bottega more than ever in the past year as well – a mix of consistent national, local, regional, TV and social media placements solidified the brand as an important facet of the franchising world and an integral part of the communities it serves.

From outstanding national press such as features in Entrepreneur Magazine and a recurring 12-month feature in Franchise Times, consumer hits like Meeting Focus and local coverage such as The Oregonian to TV segments on CBS New York, Bottle & Bottega was consistently in the spotlight during 2015.

Aside from outstanding headlines, Bottle & Bottega also brought the whole franchise together for its annual convention, a time of reconnecting, learning and fun that took place in August. Several community-oriented events were also showstoppers, including Paint Your Pet and the Weekend of Giving, which raised money for each of their causes.

Bottle & Bottega takes great pride in hosting and participating in charitable community events and enriching its neighborhoods through art, wine and entertainment. Click Here to learn about the opportunity to own your own art-focused business, create a new life and make a lasting impact on your community with Bottle & Bottega!