Ladies' Night Events | Nude Models Bare All for Art and Wine Party

Ladies' Night Events | Nude Models Bare All for Art and Wine Party

From black canvas to mixed media, our brand differentiators are one of the many reasons our art and wine franchise continues to rise above the competition. Our signature Ladies’ Night Out event is one example of how we are standing out in the industry.

The first in our category to feature a step-by-step painting tutorial of a nude male model, our iconic Ladies’ Night Out painting party has become a nationwide sensation. Recently, we began to introduce themed Ladies’ Night Out events such as “50 Shades of Sexy,” a one-of-a-kind painting party designed to celebrate the release of the new movie “50 Shades of Grey.”

The Ladies’ Night Out event is offered on-site at each of our nine studio locations, as well as off-site at restaurants, nightlife venues and private residences around the country. During the events, a nude male model disrobes before the attendees. From there, guests are guided through a hands-on (no pun intended) painting tutorial. Each of our guests leave the event with a masterpiece of the human form to hang on their wall at home.

Covered by many of the nation’s leading news sources such as The Chicago Tribuneand The Miami Herald, the event is gaining attention in major U.S. cities across the country. Sold out within days of being posted to our event calendar, these events are a hit with our growing fan base.

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