Buzzing Art & Wine Franchise

Buzzing Art & Wine Franchise

The past 18 months have been our most exciting yet: Our franchise initiative kicked into high gear. We are currently present in eight different markets, with eight pop-up and eight studio locations. Additionally, we have taken strides to make our guests’ experiences even more rewarding and entertaining.

At Bottle & Bottega we are constantly challenging the norms to lead the way in the wine and design franchise category, and we have innovative programs to prove it.

An example of our ongoing commitment to distinguishing the Bottle & Bottega brand is the recent introduction of mixed media classes. Introduced as way to celebrate the New Year with a new expressive art form, this trendy artistic style layers several visual elements with painted designs.

Additionally, our newly implemented loyalty rewards system is now completely electronic. The online platform allows guests to register for events, manage points and earn rewards — all housed in a single location.

Another focus that separates Bottle & Bottega from the crowd is our creative approach to corporate team-building events. Hosted in our studios, at company headquarters or in any preferred venue, each collaborative and creative experience is a unique opportunity to inspire, celebrate success, and foster team morale.

With these types of advancements, we equip our family of franchisees with the training and materials needed to have a rewarding entrepreneurial experience.

Bottle & Bottega’s creativity and solid business model are infectious. They compel our franchisees to aim high and think big! As proof, Bottle & Bottega and its franchise partners are drawing the attention of various high-profile media outlets that have taken remarkable interest in our story. The brand is consistently making a splash with feature stories appearing in local and national news. But don’t just take our word for it, click on our sizzle reel below and see for yourself.

Once you get a taste of all the excitement we are creating at Bottle & Bottega, visit our website to learn more about how you can join the party franchise.