Art Hunt

Art Hunt

From special events to community givebacks, our brand differentiators are one of the many reasons our art and wine franchise continues to attract attention. Our Art Hunt events are just one of the ways we’re standing out and making a name for ourselves in the communities we serve.

Always out and about in the hottest spots in the neighborhood, Bottle & Bottega locations participated in Art Hunts, where participating Bottle & Bottega franchisees send local residents scavenging for artistic treasures and prizes. Hidden throughout many chic dining and retail venues, including bakeries, restaurants, breweries and grocery stores, each community event featured several local artist paintings.

These events pose the unique opportunity for art enthusiasts to experience an adventure in art while out and about, enjoying the sights and ambiance of their communities. It’s just another example of the dedication Bottle & Bottega has not only to promoting its own art, but to contributing to the overall art scene in each area.

Local press coverage was secured for the events, held August 23-29, helping to spread the word. Check out some of the articles here.

At Bottle & Bottega, the ongoing success and satisfaction of our franchisees is of the utmost importance. We’re here to guide new members of the Bottle & Bottega family every step of the way on a rewarding entrepreneurial journey through ongoing mentorship, training, research and development as well as operational support through great events like the Art Hunt.

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