Bottle & Bottega Franchise Celebrates the Year's Success at Annual Convention

Bottle & Bottega Franchise Celebrates the Year's Success at Annual Convention

Bottle & Bottega’s dedication to fostering a collaborative, positive work environment and palpable company culture has set it apart since its inception – and it’s never more apparent than when the entire Bottle & Bottega family comes together.

The Bottle & Bottega Franchise Annual Convention was held throughout the course of August 16-18 in Chicago, and included dinner at Bespoke Cuisine, meetings and networking at Catalyst Ranch (fun fact – this is also where founder and co-owner Stephanie King-Myers had her first painting party!) and an awards dinner at Fulton Market Kitchen. From roundtable discussions, teambuilding workshops and Q&A sessions, the Bottle & Bottega team held true to its tenet of ongoing education and growth for every franchisee.

And what convention would be complete without awarding some of the year’s top performers? The brand recognized Rupa Kale, owner of Bottle & Bottega Central Jersey, with “The Warhol” award for highest achievement in marketing and community engagement. Lynn and John Day, owners of Bottle & Bottega Glen Ellyn, earned the “Mona Lisa” award for exhibiting exceptional customer service. And finally, Meg and Paul LeFaivre, owners of Bottle & Bottega LaGrange, were awarded the prestigious “Picasso” honor for showing the greatest sales increase – for the third year in a row!

Check out the photos from the event in the image above.

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