Valentine's Day - Real life stories of love at B&B!

Valentine's Day - Real life stories of love at B&B!

Spreading Love

Bottle & Bottega was spreading the love —and the paint! — this Valentine’s Day from Portland to Pennsylvania; Minneapolis to Miami, at least judging from the hundreds of photos and comments on Facebook: “That was fun!” “Thank you for getting the gang together!” “It’s always great seeing you gals!” and “…a great date night!” “We had such a great time!”

After nearly five years as a franchise, this isn’t the first time Bottle & Bottega has made a love connection. Even as early as 2011, we had our first couple marriage proposal! The nervous, handsome young man had contacted us to see if we could help him come up with a plan to propose to his stunning art-loving girlfriend. After a bit of brainstorming, it was decided he’d pop the question on a pre-painted canvas “Will You Marry Me, Angie?” that we would hide under a cloth and disguise as a prize for one lucky guest.

Angie never suspected a thing, even as she shouted, “I never win ANYthing!” and came up to remove the cloth to reveal her new painting. The look on her face was priceless as she read the message and turned to find her true love on bended knee with ring in hand.

This is just one story of love, but there are countless others. Bottle & Bottega is proud to have served as the start of many budding romances. For years we have partnered with to create the perfect place for that first meeting, and we’ve been the destination of choice for many others for a first date. For good reason, we think: The beautiful, comfortable setting of our chic studios lends itself perfectly to a cozy and relaxed rendezvous. The concept lends itself easily to great conversation and good laughs. And let’s not forget the wine — a sip or two can certainly create a more spirited occasion!

But the love doesn’t just begin and end with couples, as evidenced by the Facebook comments cited above. Bottle & Bottega’s stories of love encompass all types of relationships, from lovebirds to friendships to families, and every generation. It’s one of the reasons we cherish what we do. Being able to bring people together face-to-face, especially in a world where “social” has come to mean hashtags and gadgets, is a gift and a promise.

We are eternally grateful to be invited into the special moments in people’s lives, moments that will forever be commemorated by the tributes to love that hang on their walls.