Family Days Arrive in Time for Spring!

Family Days Arrive in Time for Spring!
Family Days

Family Day you say? The days are getting a little bit longer, the natural world is slowly coming to life, and FAMILIES are feeling the energy, too, and they’re spreading it around like paint on a canvas! Moms, dads, sisters, brothers of all ages — everyone is getting in on the fun at Bottle & Bottega!

Family FunWith our ever increasing busy schedules, it’s easy to lose focus on spending quality time with our kids. According to an article in the UK’s, “a new survey says that parents and children have less than eight hours together in total each week. Weekends are best with an average of two hours and twenty minutes on both Saturdays and Sundays given over to family time.” A Michigan State University article also confirms that “Spending quality family time together is very important.”

Social media can also create the illusion of connection. The constant stream of pictures and comments from loved ones is informative, but the real give-and-take of relationship-building is lacking.

That’s why Bottle & Bottega introduced Family Days. They’re the perfect way to build bonds and bring everyone together for some good, old-fashioned entertainment! No cell phones, computers, tablets — no distractions other than your imagination and each other! With nothing but a canvas, some paint, and an instructor to guide you, you can reconnect with your loved ones in the most creative way.

When taking the opportunity to spend time together, keep these points in mind:

* Turn off the phone to ensure there are no interruptions.
* Let everyone have equal time to talk.
* Ask specific questions of your child (to show you are interested).
* Keep the conversation light; avoid disagreeing or interrupting.
* Tell them about your day (to show you respect their opinions).
* Make it FUN.

lagrange young artistsHappy grownups are the product of happy families. Taking the opportunity to create special moments and memories of time spent together will resonate with children for years to come.

And the best part about Family Days is the memories don’t just remain on your camera or Facebook wall; they hang on the walls of your home forever — a permanent reminder of the love and good times you shared.

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