Pairing ART and Wine!

Pairing ART and Wine!

Pairing Art and Wine

We’ve all heard of pairing food and wine. Bottle & Bottega’s guests have started a new trend: pairing ART and wine! Every month Bottle & Bottega adds new paintings by our professional artists to the calendar and our loyal guests are using this as the perfect opportunity to get the Wine Club together for its monthly tasting!

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The Art of Wine

So how do you pair wine and art? The idea behind pairing wine and art is to look at the fundamentals of both and their affects on us emotionally. Like art, wine can stimulate the senses, inducing certain reactions and evoking very specific sensations to create an emotional experience. It can create an experience which leaves a lasting impression. If you’re still a novice in the world of wine and want a quick course for efficient exploration, you can learn “Wine Basics — A Beginner’s Guide to Drinking Wine” at If we take a closer look at art and wine as a pairing, we can learn more about the basics of each and see how their essential elements relate to each other.

When we talk about a wine’s viscosity, which gives the wine weight and body, we measure the “fingers” of the wine on the glass. Compare this to the weight of a line in art. Both tell us something important: thinner lines create an airier and more whimsical feeling and bolder, thicker lines give a more substantial impression. The same is true of wine. So which new piece of art do you prefer? The lighter, airier variety or the fuller, more pronounced form? Now which bottle will you pair it with?

Another great way to pair your favorite new piece of Bottle & Bottega art with your latest go-to varietal is to compare color, the most direct influence on one’s emotion. The artist chooses very specific colors to evoke very precise emotional responses. Similarly, wine’s color indicates what the wine will be like — lighter colors are usually lighter bodied, crisper and cleaner while darker colors typically suggest a heavier and more full-bodied taste.

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The Perfect Pair

You can compare a wine’s aroma to the vividness of your preferred piece of art. What do you feel like this month? A more subdued bouquet? A fruitier aroma? Perhaps an oaky, earthier scent? The trick is to find the wine that matches the brightness of your art’s intensity. Does your favorite painting pop or is it more muted? Would you say the artist plays with light and dark or do the tones harmonize or contrast with one another?

When it comes to pairing, you can compare a wine’s taste to the complexity of your favorite piece. Complexity is based on how all the elements come together to achieve the full effect. With wine, it comes down to the overall taste. With art, this can include complicated or simplistic themes, 3-dimensionality (liked mixed media) and other intricacies that work together to create that emotional effect. What is the artist’s choice of brush stroke or choice of subject? If you’re still a bit sketchy on how to take that first step into the wine world, check out this article in Wine Enthusiast, which should help you “kick start your exploration.”

What it really comes down to is very subjective and based purely in emotion. This will ultimately decide the wine you wish to pair with that great work of art. But that’s the great thing about Bottle & Bottega. With more than 1000 works of art in our collection of original works, there’s something for everyone. And exploration into the world of wine is similarly endless. Separately, each is a wonderful experience, producing a powerful impression, but when wine and art come together in harmony, it is a great experience and the impact is unforgettable.