VIP Stands for Very Important Painter

VIP Stands for Very Important Painter

“Membership has its privileges,” a slogan from an American Express ad campaign that ran from 1987 into the 90’s. The implication, of course, is that loyalty merits reward. And so it should be. And so it is at Bottle & Bottega. We LOVE returning the love to our VIPs (Very Important Painters).

VIP Club Bottle & BottegaThe key for the Bottle & Bottega VIP Program is simplicity. To us there’s nothing worse than giving your patronage to a business that in turn repays you with a complicated rewards system. So here’s the simple scoop: You get 10 points every time you spend $1 (this includes retail items like frames). One night of creativity averages $35, so 350 points. BOOM. There’s also potential for bonus points with the VIP Program. And when you reach 1500 points, you get a FREE Gift Certificate!

Being a VIP also means access to your VIP account so you can manage your events and Loyalty Points, which appear on your profile page (points are added in immediately after your event has taken place). Your reward Gift Certificate is automatically generated in your account, and if you misplace it, you can reprint or download it from your VIP account. Although we’d be very sad not to see you, we know you might sometimes need to cancel your class, so we’ve made it possible for you to manage your refund (if you cancel outside of 48 hours) or credit (if you cancel within 48 hours of an event) without ever having to pick up the phone.

portland funThe other component to the VIP Program is exclusivity. As a VIP, you get exclusive access to frequent special events (often at a special VIP-only rate!), preferential seating and sneak peeks at new programs.

So what does VIP really stand for? In the end, it’s all about gratitude. We love that our guests come to us for their date nights, girls’ nights, Family Days, private parties and corporate events, and we want to show it. As former Tesco CEO Sir Terry Leahy put it in his recent book referring to loyalty discount: “It was a thank you, pure and simple.” So, thank you.

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