Meet the Franchisees: Greg & Darcie Loudon

Meet the Franchisees: Greg & Darcie Loudon

Why is Bottle & Bottega a fantastic franchise opportunity? Don’t take it from us, listen to a satisfied franchisee duo describe their experience with the brand thus far, as well as their background and what led them to Bottle & Bottega. Meet Greg and Darcie Loudon, the owners of Bottle & Bottega of Homewood, Illinois.

What are your professional backgrounds?

Before Bottle & Bottega, I (Greg) worked in advertising and illustration. Darcie has a background in the airline industry and customer service.

How do your backgrounds play a role in your business?

Our mutual love of art, people and entertaining is the cornerstone of our business outlook. The fact that we could combine all of our passions in one business model was a huge selling point for us.

Why did you decide to get involved with Bottle & Bottega?

We love our town of Homewood and our community – we’re so excited that we’re able to share our love of art with them! We saw that the opportunity leaned heavily on community involvement and that was important to us. Plus, we get to be in business together – we’re taking this journey together as a team!

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