Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day

What does Mom want for Mother’s Day? (Well, other than everyone telling her that she was right about everything, wink, wink!) She wants… YOU!

A recent Parenting poll suggests that women really want more time and support for being the awesome and incredible mothers they are. This includes:

  • Sleep
  • Unpaid time off
  • A clean house
  • Car wash
  • Home delivery service
  • Momentos from family
  • Spa day
  • A day free from the “Mom” routine

What do all of these things have in common? Time. Here at Bottle & Bottega, we like to think that spending some more time with Mom is the best gift of all!

Sure, you could take Mom to that regular old brunch place (again this year?) or you could create a picture-perfect moment that she will always remember. May we suggest a little art and wine?

Even if she isn’t creative or crafty, it doesn’t matter. Our Bottle & Bottega studios are specifically designed to make you feel like you are in a chic, loft in Paris. From our wine glass chandelier, to the beautiful decor and comfortable seats, our comfortable lounge area is a place where we want you to feel like B&B is your home away from home… and a great place to enjoy an adult beverage.

We provide all the instructions, supplies and step-by-step artistic guidance to create something you made all by yourself. It’s not just a Do-It-Yourself experience, we have real artists on staff who show you how to turn each line of a painting into a beautiful masterpiece. It’s the Bottle & Bottega way!

Plus, we have over 10+ artforms to choose from. So there is something for everyone. Including our NEW canvas tote bags. Just as easy to paint on like our regular canvas paintings but with the added bonus of being portable! Replace your bland grocery bag with a customized and personalized statement. They are durable enough to carry books and wine bottles too. Plus they are 100% washable so you can keep them looking as good (and stylish!) as new.

Want more options? Bottle & Bottega has them. From painting on canvas, glass and wood signs & pallets, we have a possibility for every party.

So, that’s better than a Mother’s Day brunch this year? A Mother’s D.I.Y. Day at Bottle & Bottega!

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